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Market facts

Using the market – gaining new customers

Iran Wire 2017

Attractive opportunities – lucrative prospects
When a nuclear agreement was reached in 2016, the majority of sanctions against Iran were either cancelled or eased. Following this Implementation Day, the economic situation in Iran has changed substantially, offering outstanding opportunities for manufacturers in the wire, cable and tube industries, in particular. After years of isolation, Iran has a huge pent-up demand.

Overview of some major developments:

  • 2016/2017 Gross domestic product went up 6.5%

  • Fall in inflation

  • Predominantly positive business climate index

  • Investment backlog which can now be reduced

  • Approx. 200,000 engineering graduates each year and well trained professional staff

  • Easier and more professional payment procedures

  • 2016 Conclusion or preparation of diverse government and private economic agreements with various countries, including China, France, Italy, Austria and Germany

  • Substantial involvement of Turkish and Russian companies

(Source:Marktchancen Iran. Rückblick 2016, conference on 28 and 29 November 2016)

Forming successful contacts – deepening existing connections
Respect and trust are two extremely important aspects in any business with Iran. Personal relationships with long-term prospects are indispensable for this purpose. Your participation in Iran Wire 2017 is the most efficient way to gain a profile with potential business partners and to create a basis for good business.

Iran has a major demand for industrial expertise and equipment. Traffic and transport networks are being expanded, industrial plants are being modernised, vehicle construction is being privatised, and utilities need to become more efficient.

Iran Wire 2017 is the only trade fair for wire, cables, tubes, profiles and related products in Iran.