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Travel information

Travel information

Iran is located between the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea. It is bordered by Iraq to the west, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia to the northwest, Turkmenistan to the northeast and Afghanistan and Pakistan to the southeast.

A country with a population of 75 million people, Iran has a powerful oil and gas industry, which generates more than 50% of the country’s export revenues. It also has a substantial backlog demand for investment goods, modern machinery, components, processing methods and expertise. The lifting of economic sanctions is expected to create a significant boost to international trade relations with Iran. Experts anticipate a rising demand for machines, and equipment, particularly from the plastics and rubber segment.

Tehran is the capital of Iran with a population of about 14 million people and is located at the foot of the Alborz mountains. This cosmopolitan city has an amazing range of further tourist sites, a wide variety of cultural highlights and numerous shopping facilities and restaurants.


Currency & Exchange Rate:

  • The official currency unit is Rial. 1 Euro=34.468 Rials.
          (Subject to alteration, exchange rate: 16.03.2017)
  • Major currencies can be exchanged at the hotel’s cashier desk, currency exchange and most bank branches.
  • No credit cards are accepted.


Please note that you will need a visa for your trip to Iran.

You will receive further information about the visa proceeding:

  • at a local embassy of Iran or the responsible Iran consulate in your home country
  • from any travel agency with Iran-experience of your trust

Important: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is not entitled to give invitations for visa processing or any support for obtaining a visa.

Local Time:

The local time in the Islamic Republic of Iran is: CET/MEZ +2.30 hours.

Electric Current:

220 volts AC/50 Hz.


Iran has a hot, dry climate characterized by long, hot, dry summers and short, cool winters.

Average temperatures:

  • January: 5°C - 10°C
  • August: 20°C - 30°C or more.


Lightweight clothing for the summer, with a sweater for cooler evenings, especially in the inland areas. Waterproof mediumwear is recommended for the winter, and warmer clothing for the mountainous areas of northern Iran.

Please note: Islamic Wearing for women is obligatory. (Long dress, scarf etc.)